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2 matching victorian inlaid chairs.

Height: 3ft 2 inches, Width: 1ft 8 inches, Depth: 1ft 8 inches. 

Height: 4ft 10 inches, Width: 2ft 2 inches Depth: 1ft 4 inches. 

Original railway sign

Length: 3ft, Width: 2ft. 

Length: 3ft, Width: 2ft.

Keswick school of industrial art. Lakeland, rural industries, lake district, borrow dale mid 20th century. made in resistance to industrialisation. 

1ft 5.5 inches tall.

French 20th century armoire style cabinet.

Height: 4ft 8 inches, Depth: 2ft 5 inches, Width: 1ft 5 inches. 

Length: 4ft 5 inches, Width: 3ft 9,5 inches.

Wills Cigarette Sign

Height: 5ft, Width: 3ft.

These beautiful CH24 chairs, (also commonly known as the Y chairs or the wishbone chair) were originally designed in 1949 by Hans J. Wegner. The manufacturer of this particular set of chairs are Carl Hansen & Son. We have a set of 7 available. They are a perfect work of craftsmanship. 


Height: 2ft 1 inch, Width: 1ft 6 inches, Depth: 1ft 3.5 inches. 

Historical, methodist church choir originally from Barnard Castle.

Height: 2ft 2 inches, Width: 1ft 9 and a half inches, Depth: 1ft 8 inches.

Early victorian oak travelling box.

Height: 2ft 2 inches, Width: 3ft 7 inches, Depth: 1ft 11 inches.  

A little bit of local, social history!

Height: 7 inches, Width: 6.5 inches, Depth: 4 inches.

Square leather bound travelling trunk. Circa 1880.

Height: 1ft 1 inch, Width: 2ft 6.5 inches, Depth: 1ft 5.5 inches.

Mahogany and satin wood victorian drawers.

Height: 4ft 11.5 inches, Width 3ft 9 inches, Depth: 1ft 9.5 inches.  

1881 blacksmiths bellows.

Height: 5ft, 6.5 inches, width 2ft 5.5 inches.

Welsh dragon knitting chair.

Height: 2ft 7 inches, Width: 1ft 1 inch, Depth: 1ft 5.5 inches.

Victorian dome top trunk. Circa 1840.

Height: 1ft 9 inches, Width: 2ft 9 inches, Depth: 1ft 7 inches. 

19th century, (possibly 20th century), french, tapestry armchair. 

Height: 3ft 10 inches, Width: 1ft 11 inches, Depth: 1ft 11 inches. 

Victorian dome top trunk.

Height: 1ft 8 inches, Width: 2ft 9 inches, Depth:1ft 7 inches.


Height: 3ft 3 inches, Width: 2ft 3 inches, Depth: 2ft 7 inches.


Height: 3ft 5 inches, Width: 2ft 5 inches, Depth: 2ft 8 inches. 

Victorian cabinet.

Height: 1ft 6 inches, Width: 11.5 inches, Depth: 9 inches. 

Oak and satin wood partners desk.

Height: 2ft 6 inches, Width: 7ft 1 inch, Depth: 4 foot 1 inch. 

Edwardian kneehole desk.

Height: 2ft 6 inches, Width: 4ft, Depth: 2ft 2 inches. 

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