Molly's Tea Room Menu 

Stokes Coffee

We pride ourselves on using the best coffee around! All of our coffee is made fresh from bean to cup and individualised to your taste! A range of different coffees for you to try! It certainly won't disappoint.  

Specialty Coffees


A full flavoured, concentrated shot of coffee.  



Smooth black coffee, served with hot or cold milk, or cream (on the side). 



An Italian breakfast coffee, one third coffee, one third steamed milk and topped with frothed milk. 


We do also offer an italian hot chocolate, served with fresh 

whipped cream and marshmallows, just perfection!

Caffe Latte

Made with a shot of coffee and steamed milk, the creamiest of them all. 



Made with coffee, hot chocolate, steamed milk and topped with frothed milk, and finished with chocolate sprinkles. 


Flat White

Made with a shot of coffee, filled with steamed milk and finished off with a layer of frothed milk.


Our Selection of Tea 

Yorkshire Tea for one 

Yorkshire tea! Served in a small pot, a china teacup and saucer. 


Yorkshire Tea for two 

A larger tea pot of Yorkshire tea, also served with teacups and saucers. Perfect for a summers afternoon with cake. 


We also serve a wide variety of Birchall premium infusion Tea

Our Birchall infusion tea comes in many different varieties and we're guaranteed to have something special for you.

£1.65 (for a pot of tea for one)

Our Selection of Cold Drinks 

Iced Coffee

A shot of coffee, blended with ice and cold milk. a smooth combination to give you that coffee hit on a hot day.



Our smoothie selection depends upon our ingredients of the day! Feel free to ask your server for more details! 


Ginger beer 

A classic, refreshing drink that is perfect served with anything. 


Sanpellegrino                                                    £1.65

A sparkling cold fruit drink. 

Coca cola                                                         £1.50

A classic cold drink, available in diet and sugar free ( as well as regular) 

Sandwiches and Toasties

Served on soft, white or brown bloomer bread. Accompanied with fresh side salad and crisps. 

Ham and Peasepudding

A Northern delicacy! Beautiful slices of roast ham with locally made peace pudding.


Cheese and Onion

Simple but effective. Strong mature cheddar with freshly sliced onion. 


Cheddar cheese and pickle 

A national treasure! mouth watering mature cheddar with a generous layer of Branston pickle. 


Grilled Paninis 

Italian Panini bread, served with your choice of filling, grilled to perfection and served with fresh side salad. 

Chorizo and mozzarella 

Succulent slices of spicy Spanish sausage and mouthwatering melted mozzarella. 


Ham and cheese

Delicious roasted ham, accompanied by a strong mature cheddar. 


Mozzarella, tomato and pesto

A tasty Italian treat! Mozzarella, fresh tomato and green pesto. The perfect filling for Italian bread. 


Ham and Cheese 

The old ones are the best. Dating back to the 18th century, this is the classic combination of roasted ham and cheddar. 


Wensleydale and Mango Chutney 

Crumbly Wensleydale cheese, made in Yorkshire, with flavoursome mango chutney, an unlikely but gorgeous combination.


Roasted ham salad 

A big one! A tasty favourite filled to the brim. Slices of roasted ham surrounded by beautiful fresh salad. 


Cheddar cheese and sweet chilli 

A beautiful combination of melted mature cheddar and delicious sweet chilli sauce. 


The hot one 

Something to get your tongue tingling! Spicy chorizo sausage, melted mature cheddar, and hot jalapeño peppers. 


A Selection of Salads

Hearty ham salad 

A beautiful, tasty salad! Packed with fresh ingredients, slices of beautiful roasted ham, served with a slice of soft bread. 


Ploughman Lunch 

Treat yourself! A tasty, traditional lunch. Freshly prepared salad with all the trimmings. a selection of cheese, pickles, chutney and soft bread. 


Greek salad 

A mediterranean style salad, with chunks of feta cheese and olives, served with balsamic vinegar and honey. Simply perfect! 


Caprese Salad 

Sliced tomato, with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves. Served on a bed of balsamic vinegar. 


We also have a selection of homemade cakes and scones available starting from £2.25, just ask for today's selection.